On October 11th, Beijing time, the 56th "Dana Show" came to an end at the Philippe Chatier Stadium of Roland Garros in Paris, France. Nadal was 6-0, 6-2, 7 in the French Open final. He defeated Djokovic by 5 and won his 13th French Open championship, setting the record for the most players in a single Grand Slam and tying the record of 20 Grand Slams by Federer.

北京时间10月11日,第56届“达娜表演”在法国巴黎罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)菲利普·查蒂尔体育场(Philippe Chatier Stadium)落下帷幕。纳达尔在法网决赛中以6-0、6-2、7出局。他以5击败德约科维奇,赢得了他的第13个法国公开赛冠军,刷新了单个大满贯中最多球员的纪录,并追平了费德勒20个大满贯的纪录。

You may guess the result of this game, but you can't guess the score. This focus battle took 2 hours and 42 minutes. Throughout the audience, Nadal gave full play to his technical advantages and took the initiative most of the time. Djokovic made more mistakes, especially in receiving the serve. The state is depressed. In the end, Nadal won the 56th peak duel with Djokovic.


Gilbert, who has served as coach of Agassi and Murray, wrote on his social media before the game: "This will be the most important game of men's tennis in the Open era." Because no matter who wins this game, anyone will win. To make history, if Djokovic wins, then he will complete the "double lap Grand Slam" feat, but this feat is delayed for at least one year to complete.


On clay, Nadal undoubtedly has a greater advantage. In the previous record of the two in the French Open, Nadal led 6-1. Two victories occurred in the finals. Djokovic only won once in the quarter-finals in 2015.



This advantage was carried over to this game. In the first set, Djokovic entered the state very slowly, with a goal rate of only 42% on his first serve, and 13 unforced errors. Nadal's state is fully dominant. Through continuous breaks and guarantees, he takes the lead with a 6-0 strong posture. The depressed Serbian actively adjusted his state in the second set and finally won the first game of his game at the beginning of the second set, but the number of turnovers remained high. Nadal still played steadily, suppressing Djokovic's rebound, and steadily won another set 6-2.


The climax of the game appeared in the third set. As the game entered white-hot, Nadal's physical strength showed a significant decline, Djokovic's hand feeling gradually improved, the two sides you come and I, the game began to stalemate. But Nadal withstood the pressure, and finally ended the world-renowned duel with an ACE and a score of 7 to 5.


This competition was Nadal's 13th French Open men's singles final, and he all won. This victory is of great significance to Nadal. In addition to breaking the record for the most players in a single Grand Slam and tying Federer's number of Grand Slams, it was his 100th French Open victory and also maintained the French Open men's singles final. Unbeaten record.


The "King of Clay" ended the French Open trip with a perfect ending to the Musketeers Cup. This Musketeer Cup brought Nadal back to the starting line at the same historical height as Federer, and also opened up with Djoko. Vicki's distance. With the current status of the Big Three, the record will continue to be rewritten, and the legend of men's tennis will continue.


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